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Expert Instructors

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Why Civil Services?

Salary Benefits

India Services Officers get their wages based on the seventh pay commission. The perks and benefits apart from the salary are much higher than any other job field in India. The lowest grade pay in the services is 16,500, which makes the officer’s salary of the pay scale range of 50,000-150000.

Service Benefits

The IAS brings you into the groove of the government decision-making process. You would be one of the robust chains in the command. You will be among the ones framing policies that make India and build it more substantial. The role comes with great responsibility and rewards.

Job Security

As an IAS officer, you will only be liable to the President of India. You are the representative of the President in every district. Rest assured, IAS Officers rarely lose their jobs due to the very stringent system for removal of an officer. The process of removal of any IAS office goes through significant inquiries and cycles, which rarely happen.


All IAS officers are given residence and transport facilities. The Government of India sustains all expenses of an IAS officer. They are provided with a chauffeur-driven vehicle. They are also provided with security guards due to their nature of work and profile. The IAS officers also get cooks, maidservants, gardeners, etc., for their service.

Pension and Post-retirement Benefits

All Civil Servants get pension and post-retirement benefits. They can be appointed to various commissions as leaders. The Government of India appoints them to many offices post-retirement. They are also sought after by elite organizations that require their expertise in various high-level positions.

Trips and diplomatic immunity

Boarding a flight at your convenience is one of the many benefits of India’s civil servant. The flights will have to wait for an IAS officer if he is late during his official trip. As a diplomat of India, you will have complete Diplomatic immunity. If you are grounded in some place outside of India, no one can arrest you due to the benefit of Diplomatic immunity.

About AZM IAS Academy

Who are we?

With strong will, futuristic vision and generous contribution of renowned personalities an IAS academy has been established here at Karimnagar.

Mission & Vision

What is our Aim?

To empower men and women of the minority communities and prepare them for competitive exams such as Civil Services and other high profile services.


What Our Students Say

I was provided with amful resources to learn. I was amazed with quality of guidance that was provided to me during my time with Azm IAS Academy.

Thank you for being so generous.

Syed Ahmed

IAS Student at Azm IAS Academy

I learned a lot at Azm IAS Academy. Mr. Akbar helped me understand everything very clearly and made the whole learning experience very enjoyable.

Thank you, Azm IAS Academy

Shazia Fatima

Civil Services Student at Azm IAS Academy

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